Monday, May 5, 2008

Dragonball Poster

Here below a photo the first teaser poster of Dragonball, the cinema adaptation of the famous Japanese manga:
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Dragonball Teaser PosterDragonball
The legend comes to life in 2009.

The teaser poster of Dragonball the movie features a Dragonball with fours stars: it's the Dragonball that belonged to the grandfather of Goku (Justin Chatwin).

Two new posters of the movie Dragonball have been spotted:
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Justin Chatwin is Goku in Dragonball The MovieDragonball Movie

A new Dragonball movie poster quite close to the spirit of the original manga Dragonball has shown up on a Chinese site:
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Dragonball The Movie
This new Dragonball character poster featuring Bulma is not that great though:
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A definitely Japanese promo poster of the movie Dragonball seen at the Licensing Asia 2008 in Tokyo:
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More movie posters with the new title of Dragonball Evolution:
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Dragonball Evolution Movie
Goku - Dragonball EvolutionBulma - Dragonball EvolutionRoshi Dragonball - Evolution
Let's hope the production team will not make a tame version of Dragonball: please, unleash the power of the Dragon, show us the full power of Goku!


Anonymous said...

good god man! After years of expecting this film and the dissapointment i come to see. Hollywood is going to make something that was actually a good story and turning it to a pile of excrement. To be honest i had alot of faith that the dragon ball franchise was not going to be tamppered with this bad.looking at the cast and the premises of this movie its seem that they just halve assed it. to me this is a dissapointment from what ive seen soo far; it's like seeing another trailer for bullet-proof monk. Like I said just looking at the trailer i'm already dissapointed, but i honestly hope that the long wait is worth it and that hollywood really does'nt fuck this up. vegeta71

Anonymous said...

u guys need a better cast for this movie! they dont suit the chr at all!! specillaly goku!

Anonymous said...

good...good....i waiting to watch this movie...

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