Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dragonball Preview Clip

A preview clip of Dragonball the movie has been aired in Japan. Here below the short Dragonball movie footage:

Some source from AintItCool is asserting that the Dragonball movie is actually better than expected, well to a certain extent: he just said that James Marsters is making a great Piccolo and that Justin Chatwin is able to correctly voice the KAMEHAMEHA. At least two real positive points!

But I'm not yet convinced, far from it actually... Let's hope that the current reshoots will save this Dragonball movie from lameness.


Anonymous said...

That Aintitcool review has just been exposed as another piece of false information.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the same situation as with the X-men movies- decent action flick on its own, but a butchering of the source material. I'm sure it will pick up a few new fans, but they are presenting this as a serious action movie without any of the humour or warmth that the anime had (I have never read the manga, so I can't comment on that). Prediction 1/. Bulma is a martial arts expert (!) 3./ Roshi isn't a dirty old man. 4/. They turn Mai into a shapeshifting acolyte of Piccolo- makes you want to tear your hair out doesn't it? The problem is that if they want to do an overly serious movie, Dragonaball Z is much more suited to the role. The original Dragonball would require a more capable script, intelligent casting and the right mixture of humour, action and drama. Unforunately there isn't a studio or director who is anywhere near capable of achieving that.

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