Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dragonball Trailer Leaked

The trailer of Dragonball was expected to be shown in front of Max Payne. But thanks to a fellow Dragonball fan who was attending the Brand Licensing Europe 2008 in London we have a bootleg version of this Dragonball trailer that has leaked online.

Enjoy below the leaked bootleg trailer of Dragonball the movie:

Dragonball Trailer

I can't say it look bad, but it does not really feel like Dragonball the manga... Let's wait for the official Dragonball trailer to make our mind though.


Anonymous said...

Really, I don't see how much this footage will differ from the actual trailer.
As far as we can see, those trailer shots that leaked out some time ago did come from the actual trailer (confirming that Piccolo really isn't green), and tells us nothing more than how it will be another dumb attempt by Hollywood in making a kung fu action movie, which in this case happened to use the names of the manga Dragonball even though it has nothing similar.
I am sure now that when the Japanese see the trailer, the whole country will be on a boycott against this.

Anonymous said...

This supposed trailer doesn't even show in the States. Most prominent places have taken the videos down, They're illegal. The movie is an adaptation just as "Dragon Ball" is an adaptation of "Journey To The West." So is a number of titles about the Monkey King, like "Forbidden Kingdom." Additionally, the live action story has elements taken from the Manga, rather than the Anime.

Toriyama san has already stated he will not be putting out any more original material, as what's already out here is going on 20 years old. If your any kind of real fan of the story, I don't see how you could even be satisfied with a substitute for the real deal, even if it's some slavish new Anime. A sell out is a sell out, even if only be degrees!
Face it, what you remember is in the past, and your trying to live in it. The generation of the 60's use to make fun of their parents and grandparents for doing that.

Adapt and move on, or turn your back on what's out here, and live in your own little universe.

Anonymous said...

Really, anybody who can see in the movie elements taken from the manga apart from the names should go report themselves to some mental institute.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but even if in a film some material might differ from the original source,it should always stay true to the spirit of it.For instance take Transformers,different from Gen1 but it's faithful enough.The 1993 Dragonball live action from china was more faithful than this,it sucked in special effects and acting but faithful nevertheless to the spirit of it.Fox is lacking good management,they messed up AVP2 and now this film as well.Just who the hell approves this garbage that comes out lately from Fox?

Anonymous said...

It would've been great starting a trilogy,with Goku as a kid,meeting Bulma and everyone,finally fighting Piccolo,a quick jumble like they did with the animated one:Dragonball the path to power.The 2nd installment Goku grown up with Gohan,fighting the Saiyans and Freeza at the end,adding some stuff from the other sagas to have at least some memorable moments,also the hate,rivalry and friendship between Goku and Vegeta when they are forced to unite against Freeza,and for the 3rd even though not from Toriyama-San,but a DB Gt,ending in 3 movies and having the spirit of all that has been come to love from Dragonball.

Ty said...

This falls into the same category as the Super Mario Brothers movie.

Thanks for stomping on people's memories! Good work!

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