Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dragonball Clip

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION with Justin Chatwin as GokuA new Dragonball Evolution TV spot has premiered in Japan, it should air in the USA soon, we may still take a look to the Japanese TV clip the full new trailer below:

The special effects of this clip are as colorful and cheap-candy-like as in Smallville. Did they hire the same guys for the job?

Enough irony: the dragon does look awesome and Fox is trying to cope for its previous mistakes, a stark example is Piccolo going green. But overall, I can but have mixed feeling, and still have to strive to call this film a Dragonball movie...


Anonymous said...

Why is Goku the only one not played by an asian?
I get Bulma and Piccolo not being asians...but why isnt Goku asian?

Dragonball Movie said...

Well, I saw the movie too while I was in a short trip in Japan. And I disagree with you.

Ok it was somewhat entertaining: I'd say entertaining like the power rangers can be for 8-years-old kids.

I dislike the way they cut the plot: it looks like a tv show with breaks ready made for inserting TV ads... As a result it hardly feels like a theatrical movie...

Too many details have been changed compared to the original manga, so Dragonball Evolution is as close to the original manga as a turd is to the Mona Lisa...

Spoiler here:
The film implies that goku was sent by piccolo, that the dragon balls were made by humans... Such changes are blasphemous!
I may have chuckled when Chichi and Goku are flirting, but overall the movie SUCKS VERY HARD!
Don't expect that much fight: the final fight between Goku and Piccolo is short and unimpressive.

Don't pay for it guys! That's such a let down! it is so disappointing!

It's a shiny mix of Power Rangers and Dragon Ball... I rate this movie 3/10... :( Give me back the 86 minutes I wasted on this lame adaptation! Should have been busy with my Japanese cutie instead of watching this shit!

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