Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragonball TV Spot

Dragonball is the worst movie adaptation ever!A UK TV spot that sums up fairly well the movie Dragonball:


I've already seen the movie, so here my spoilerish summary:

Training - Goku and Chichi flirting - Gran Pa is killed - Goku Meets Bulma and Roshi then Yamcha - Goku and Chichi flirting - Piccolo is defeated by Goku in just a very short scene...

They rush to finish the movie, no real action, it should have been called Power Rangers Evolution instead of Dragonball! Wait for it to be on TV, no need to waste your money on such a crappy flick...


Ken said...

I have to agree this opinion about this movie.
This movie is a absolute insult ob the whole Dragonball Saga!

I'm very angry and sad about this bad movie.
The first time I heard about the plan of the movie, I was so happy. But know... I'm crying and hoping, that someday there will be another better Movie of Dragonball...


Anonymous said...

they seriously fuked up DB, DBZ and DBGT for life with this stupid ass movie, that guy is nothing like Goku or anyone else from the cartoons, this movie is fukin gay and hopefully they wont make much money out of this piece of shit movie. dude im a big fan of BBZ and after this movie i dont kno if i ever wana see DBZ ever again, they fuked it up completely. THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE BURNED FOR THE SAKE OF DBZ, THEY SHOULDNT EVEN ALLOW THIS MOVIE TO BE IN THEATERS. THAT GUY PLAYIN AS GOKU IS GAYYYYYYY. but seriously im pissed off at the makers of this movi.. better said (PIECE OF GARBAGE) im sure every fan of DBZ out there must be really pissed like i am because of the makin of something that looks sooo extremely gay besides DBZ i based on Earth in the future with flying cars and shit and this movie that guy has powers that i never seen on goku besides goku doesnt go to school WTF?!?! but o well i hope they cancel the movie before is in theater cus it fukin sucks!!!

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